How It Works?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a concierge who took care of your everyday needs, whether that is booking a massage, planning a vacation, getting a quote for a leaky roof and finding a cake designer for a birthday party (we can find you a venue too btw)…we’ve got you covered.

The talent pool of our available local business partners is at your fingertips.  Our cool app will geo locate your preferred service area, you select what and when you need it (you’re in control here),  the cool part… local businesses come to you.

Local businesses are ready to accept your requests and will correspond with you if urgent or as soon as they get notified. Never waste time again looking for what you need… Not bad, eh?

Now it gets better, it’s free and you’ve done a great service by supporting your local community.  You’re a hero to us.

Where do you need service?

GoLocal Quote geo locates your local area.
We got ya covered.

What do you need ?

GoLocal Quote lets you quickly tell us what
service you need.

When do you need it?

It’s on your schedule. You pick the dates and
times that work for you.

Amazing Features:

Simplify your life… It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  • Location for service

    GoLocal Quote can confirm your desired
    location for services.

  • Request what you need

    Whether you’re in need of a
    “Piano Lesson” “Paving” “Landscaper”
    “ Plumber” “Dentist”  “ Massage”
    GoLocal Quote matches your request with available local businesses
    who will be in touch with you immediately.

  • When you need it

    Everything is on your time … dates and times
    that work for you.

  • Account request management

    You organize all your requests in your
    own account.
    See details and status of all your requests.

  • Direct Chat and Call

    You are in touch with Local service
    providers right away.

  • Reviews

    You can leave reviews of Local businesses who helped you with the service you needed.

User App.

Get matched with multiple businesses for all
the services you need. GoLocal Quote User App.

Partners App.

If you’re a local business that is interested in providing your services and partnering with us, download the GoLocal Quote Partners App.

Book an appointment with Personnel Calendar using SetMore

To schedule an call with a GoLocal Quote team member and learn about all our promo offers to grow your business click book now.

GoLocal Quote Frequently Asked Questions?

Some popular questions you might have about GoLocal Quote.

Once we pinpoint your location, your schedule and determine service availability for your region, your request is immediately dispatched to matched local businesses. Now here is the magic. Local businesses then contact you to see if they can meet your needs, book an appointment, provide a quote or maybe even refer you to someone else. We expect our local businesses to respond within 24 hours, so sit back and thanks for supporting local.

Whether you need a massage, a handyperson, a painter, a Spanish lesson or a vacation – our local businesses are eager to showcase their talents and have agreed to stringent terms and conditions around availability and response times.  We expect that you will hear from multiple local provider within 24 hours or we will try and find someone for you.
Urgent requests or scheduled bookings are dispatched to local businesses who can interact via chat, text, phone or schedule a time to meet for a quote, book an appointment or schedule that vacation.  You can select to manage and organize all your bookings, requests and prior bookings in the app.

Depending on the type of service you have requested may require you to meet with a local professional at your place of residence.  Your preferred form of contact is at your discretion and there is no obligation – however, we hope you find what you need.

GoLocal Quote connects you to a vast network of top rated local businesses. All of the businesses working with GoLocal Quote are independent service providers that have been vetted for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

GoLocal Quote businesses are required to maintain high customer ratings, so you’ll always get top-notch service.

You bet… you can do it all in your account.

Something come up? No worries. We’re flexible. Open the app and feel free to cancel or reschedule any booking, at no additional cost, as long as you notify the business at least 24 hours in advance. Later than that, and there may be a fee ( it’s up to the local business ) Reach out the them after all they are Local.
It’s easy for you to cancel or reschedule an individual booking on your own.

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Get In Touch

The GoLocal Quote platform was started by a team of entrepreneurs who wanted to help consumers easily connect with local
business professionals quickly. In just a few simple steps, the consumer can connect with a local business in minutes.
After all, no one wants to waste time.
Contact us anytime our goal is to make life easier for everyone.

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